Our Story

Sketch 2 Press started back in 2010 by Don Melson II from the east-side of Detroit MI. After being introduced to the industry of printing & graphic design from a high school vocational program, Don pursued his newfound talents starting from creating for family, friends, and classmates to attaining a professional career at various large design and printing companies around the Metro Detroit area.

While creating in the commercial printing landscape for numerous years, Don established a nitch for connecting with an individual client's thought and idea process, eliminating the feeling of them being just a number with just another project to the large company.

After an unexpected corporate buyout of a local printing franchise that Don was managing, he was left with what seemed to be a setback but was actually a prime opportunity. Don rose to the challenge to develop his own design and print company called Sketch 2 Press, inspired by the process of staring with a creative idea to finish with a tangible reality. 

Sketch 2 Press’ sudden spawn into creative service provides the knowledge and resources gained from the commercial printing industry with the practice of molding a solution from our creative experiences to produce the desired connection of a finished project.

Based on our foundation of commercial efficiency and creative understanding, the future of Sketch 2 Press will only progress, as our goal will always be at the forefront of constantly changing trends, industry standards, societal shifts, and advancing technologies. While the tools may change, our creativity will not. 

Feel Your Vision
- Sketch 2 Press Designs, LLC